Ermi van Oers“We should keep dreaming and visualise our dreams to inspire others, to come closer to a more sustainable system.”



Ermi van Oers (1991) graduated Cum Laude at Willem de Kooning Academy in 2016, where she studied product design.

“I feel product design provides the opportunity to make life better, easier and more enjoyable. If you look around in your environment, you’re surrounded with products. As a designer I feel responsible for what I bring into this world. For me design is not just about making something beautiful, but rather by giving a higher value to everyday things.”

In the last year of her study, she focussed on the connection between human, nature and technology with her ‘Living Light’ projects.

“Nature is full of smart solutions, I see my target as a designer to inspire people with the potential power within natural processes. I want to show the beautiful poetic side of these living systems when they take place in our today’s structure.”