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Within my fascination for Biodesign, I discovered ‘microbial energy’: energy generated by bacteria and harvested by microbial fuel cells. For my graduation project, I collaborate with Plant-e, a research group that is focussed on applying and developing the microbial fuel cell technology to plants.

With this ‘living energy’ there will arise a new connection between human, nature and technology, there will grow a partnership between them. Ecosystems will take place inside, and our house will work like a living organism that we need to take care of.

I created the ‘Living Light’, a lamp which harvests its energy by the electrons released through bacteria in the soil during the photosynthesis process of the plant. I see this design as a first step towards a future where plants will be part of our energy system. I want to let people discover what ‘living energy’ can be. It’s an energy source which cannot produce a constant power output. For me, this restriction is very poetic, the period of light depends on the well-being of the plant and is a reflection of your treatment.

Imagine how you would take care of a lamp if it was actually alive. An artificial light switch becomes an emotional connection, a natural touch.

A stroke or a little water, transforms this ordinary plant into a Living Light. It visualises that it needs to be taken care of. When the plant receives your love, it will give you its energy back.

A healthy plant can produce up to 0,1 mW, which is enough to be working as a night lamp and will fall asleep with you to charge itself for the next night. At the moment, the power output is low, but the technology is still in full development and researchers see a big potential in this renewable energy source.


For more information check out the process book in PDF file:

Process book Living Light


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Beam van Waardenberg

Glasblazerij Leerdam

Ian van Mourik

Marco van Noord

René van Oers

Simone van Oosterhout

Dana Cannam

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