“Why would we still use polluting energy sources, if there is a renewable one, which cleans pollution?”

Living Light


Our research started with a fascination: Biodesign, A Cross-Pollination of Nature, Science and Creativity. A search to the integration of natural processes in a design process.

Our goal was to amaze people by showing the possibilities of our waste. We believe by using natural processes and efficiency of ecosystems, waste doesn’t cost money but will gain money.

Future plans for the unused space in the port of Rotterdam are to build floating houses. Wastewater from these houses combined with the port water could provide electricity for the households. In this way the house becomes some sort of living organism which harvests energy and at the same time cleans the water.

This technique is still in development, but is already very promising because it cleans our waste and also produces energy instead of using it.

To show this technique we made a lamp which represents this concept and harvests its energy from the port water. We call it ‘Living Light’, it uses living microorganism in the dirty water to harvest its energy.


Curious about the process of this project? Check out our process book in PDF file:

Process book Microbial Energy